Precisely delivers balls at specified speeds, locations, and trajectories for an accelerated training experience.


  •  Train at ball speeds faster than your team training
  • Vary the intervals for a more physically demanding workout

  •   Ball speeds up to 50 MP

Control the pace of the balls delivered to constantly challenge your first touch. From simply controlling the ball in a static exercise to a weighted first touch into space while moving onto the ball, you can use the Touch Trainer to challenge every part of your game.


  • 18 Balls in a standard exercise

The Touch Trainer will deliver the same challenging ball over and over, or create a custom sequence that mixes receiving, passing and finishing. Exercise variety is completely customizable. Use unlimited combinations of speed, location and intervals.


Enable training for all core skills, playing position and game-based scenarios.


  • Small compact size
  • 1,000 ball battery charge
  • Play anywhere, anytime

The TOCA Touch Trainer was specifically engineered to travel alongside its user. Walk it across the pitch, park it on a tennis court, or unleash it in your backyard. The machine easily fits into the trunk of a car and can be wheeled to a chosen destination. Repetition, on demand, where you want it.




  • Control the Touch Trainer via any iOS device.
  • Keep track of your progress and achievements through your App profile.
TOCA® Training employs cutting-edge patented technology that is the product of
relentless testing, sophisticated sports science and a wealth of soccer experience.
— TOCA, Parent Company