What is TOCA Training? 

American soccer players are drastically behind the rest of the world in youth development largely due to the fact that the typical American player has a much lower amount of touches on a soccer ball than the youth of countries whose main sport is soccer.

In a typical 90-minute soccer practice, recreational players average only 6 minutes of time with the ball and an average of only 12 minutes of ball time for club players.

The TOCA training program will enhance the number of quality touches with a professionally trained coach personally guiding your every touch.


TOCA Training objectively identifies strengths and weaknesses. This focuses the development of core skills and enables players to step up to higher-paced playing environments.


TOCA trainer delivers a game’s worth of quality touches in a matter of minutes. This dramatically improves comfort and competence on the ball. TOCA uses a smaller ball for increased concentration and lower body impact. All players get the same amount of touches, regardless of their skill level.


The curriculum is designed by top-level professional coaches and players. It creates game-like situations through 100s of exercises structured by core skill area and playing level.

TOCA Training allows me to think about everything else that is going on on the field except for my first touch.
— Christen Press, US Women's Nation Soccer Team


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